Thursday, April 17, 2008

How do Japanese say America?

Lol.. this is the question that came out from my friend's mouth today while eating lunch.. for privacy's sake (and to save this person's face.. rofl) let's call this person X

so today was the final examination for Marketing and after writing a whole lot of essays until my hand was numb, the exam ended.. let's see.. i think i wrote about 10 full pages i think.. so after finish exam, went to makan lunch with 2 friends

so eating eating.. talk talk.. then suddenly X came out with this question

"Eh.. you know how Japanese say America?"

X: America (pronounced: eh-meah-ri-cah, with the meah sounding a little higher)

me and my other friend was like... =.=;!!!

i got so grabbed (jadou) that i hit my forehead with my hand, bang my head on the table and after that turned over the table..

well actually that's not true.. :) i was actually eating and when the answer came out, it struck me so hardly lame that i choked on my spoon and spit out my food to my other friend

well.. that's not true either.. :) hahaha.. i just got so jadou la.. totally speechless when the answer is like that.. haih..

k k .. enough talking about people's bad thing.. :p

God Bless~

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